Why Should I Learn To Drive In 2020

Why Should I Learn To Drive In 2020

Posted on by Dean

Why Should I Learn To Drive In 2020

Learning to drive isn’t for everyone. Some people put it off for years with good reason – perhaps the timing isn’t right, it’s too expensive, they have no reason to drive. All legitimate excuses and fair play to them. Other people’s reasons are less reasonable – they have a designated driver, it’s too much work looking into it, what’s the point? If you’ve asked those questions in the past and are considering learning to drive in 2020 and beyond… here’s why you should grab that gearstick, put pressure on that clutch and dive right into the world of driving.


It gives you a real sense of freedom

Being able to drive not only gives you the freedom to boast about having a slick car, but it also gives you the freedom to move around and take advantage of the world in a whole different way. No one wants to spend all of their time waiting around for the bus home from the shops or sat on a train to work – driving gives you the benefit of time and allows you to travel around the country (and beyond) whenever you wish.

Learn To Drive In 2020


Fancy a weekend away with your friends? No need to spend hours booking train tickets for the WhatsApp group. Day trip to the beach? Jump in the car and park in close proximity. Craving a McDonald’s cheeseburger on a Friday night? It’s called a ‘Drive-thru’ not a ‘walk-thru’, and that’s for a reason!


Opens up opportunities for you in your career

Higher managerial jobs and the like often require the employee to be able to drive to fulfil some of their tasks – learning to drive opens up those doorways that you might previously, un-pink-licensed, have had access to. Are you dying to uproot your career and take on a whole new opportunity and the only thing stopping you is your ability to drive? What are you waiting for? Find yourself the best Cardiff driving school on the web and get that pay rise. At the same time, if you’re searching for the new perfect career, having a driving licence could open up new positions that you hadn’t previously considered. Not having a licence could potentially be closing a door on a fantastic new opportunity and making you less employable without you even realising. A small investment for a brighter future.

Why should I Learn To Drive


Gives you a sense of independence

If you’re currently relying on your friends and family to drive you around, it sounds like you may need to start your driving lessons journey. Snagging lifts off your friends and family is fine, in the short term but after a while, they’re much less reluctant to be running you here, there and everywhere. Perhaps you’re spending a fortune on petrol money – and you know for a fact that it doesn’t cost that much to drive to work and back.

Put your money where your mouth is and start your lessons this year. Not only will you have better control over your finances, but you’ll also be able to return the favour and charge your mates for rides whenever you see fit! Not only does having your own ride means you don’t have to work to the person chauffeuring you around’s the schedule, but you can also rest assured that you’ll never be late to anything again. If you are? That’s on your head. Not only that, but you can also have your say on the music. Which leads perfectly onto…



Imagine it right now. Blasting Whitney Houston as loud as you possibly can. Shuffling your way to the beach for a fantastic day out with your friends. You’re singing along already, right?


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