10 Most Common Reasons For Failing Your Driving Test

10 Most Common Reasons For Failing Your Driving Test

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10 Most Common Reasons For Failing Your Driving Test

We’ve all heard the horror stories as far as failing your driving test is concerned. Sometimes, it happens. Circumstances cannot be predicted and the unexpected can happen to even the most prepared of drivers. Eliminating that risk and choosing the best driving school Cardiff for you can be a challenge – you need to feel confident that the school you go with will offer you the greatest advantage in securing your knowledge and reducing your risk of a fail. Want to opt for the

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A survey revealed the 10 most common reasons for people failing their driving tests last year in the UK:


Responding to road markings

Be aware of the markings on the road. You don’t want to be penalised for something as simple as unnecessarily crossing white centre lines or not following directional arrows. Road markings aren’t there for the good of your health – make sure you understand why they’re there and the rules attached to them.


Reverse parking

The aspect of driving you either love or hate. You’ll either be asked to do a parallel park on the road or reverse into a parking bay. A one in two chance of getting the one you want doesn’t leave you any room for blagging it. If you find yourself needing to reposition to correct an inaccuracy or loss of control, you’ll receive a minor fault. A serious fault can be notched up if you completely misjudge or lose significant control of your vehicle.


Responding to traffic lights

Red? It means red. STOP. Not responding correctly to traffic lights catches people out. Waiting too long when the light has changed to green when it’s safe to go, not conforming to flashing amber lights or else stopping beyond the stop line designated for cyclists are all things you will be penalised for.


Moving off to start your test.

Dread. I can feel it already. Stalling repeatedly counts as control when moving off, as does attempt to move with the handbrake on or rolling backwards when (attempting) to move off. Forgot to put the car in gear before moving off? Another reason you may well get a fault.



Don’t straddle the lanes! Position your vehicle for the route you’re taking. This one really isn’t rocket science but you’d be surprised how many people fall at this hurdle.


Moving off safely.

Pulling out from the side of the road in an unsafe manner is another reason for driving test failures. Make sure you’re taking the time to look around, check your blind spots and indicate correctly – that means, in the right direction! Flashing your indicators in the wrong direction doesn’t work!



When you’re turning right at a junction, your vehicle must be positioned correctly. No cutting corners and make sure you watch out for other road users and pedestrians. No one wants a court case on their hands.



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Be at one with your steering wheel. You need to make sure you’re maintaining a steady course when you’re driving normally – no ‘Fast and Furious’ inspired navigating. Mounting and dismounting the curb and not following the contour of the road will result in you being penalised in this area. Stay steady and you’ll be dapper.



We’re all guilty of using our mirrors to check our hair when driving normally – but do you use your mirrors correctly? Your rearview mirror and your wing mirrors are there for a reason, contrary to what some drivers may have you believe. Common reasons for failing your driving test involving your mirrors, include pulling up without checking the mirrors first, increasing speed with no mirror checks or else using their mirrors too late. Mirrors aren’t there as a courtesy – use them. Worship them. Build a shrine for them.


Observations at junctions

Poor observations at junctions are one of the main reasons that people fail their driving test. How will you be marked with this fault? If you don’t take the time to effectively observe before you emerge at a junction, you may emerge into the path of another vehicle/cyclist. Failing to do so not only puts you at risk but also risks the livelihood of other drivers on the road – always ensure it’s safe to move out before doing so.


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