How To Deal With Driving Test Nerves

How To Deal With Driving Test Nerves

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How To Deal With Driving Test Nerves

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Driving tests often bring out the worst in people. You find your nerves shot, your ability to think is non-existent and you spend the run-up to the test worrying whether you’re capable of passing. Just the thought of booking your test has the potential to bring about a cold sweat.


We get it. No one wants to get out of that car post-test to be told they’ve been unsuccessful. Nerves are a part of life – it’s perfectly natural to feel uneasy about something you care about, something that’s bordering on unfamiliar territory. If you’ve got a case of the nerves, here are a few fool-proof ways of banishing them before your test.


Things to do before you take your test


Speak to your instructor – they’ll be able to offer you the reassurance you need. It’s likely they were the ones who told you to book in your test – listen to what they’re saying, they know best! They’ll also be able to let you know if they think you should take a few extra lessons to focus on things you’re not quite as secure on. If you’ve been doing your driving lessons Cardiff based, then ensure that you book your test in Cardiff and not an unfamiliar place. Work with what you know.

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If you feel like going over trickier manoeuvres before the test – do it. Driving involves a whole host of skill sets – you can’t get away with crossing your fingers and praying the bit you’re not that good at doesn’t show up on the test. Chances are it’ll be the first thing they ask you to do. Build up your confidence and give yourself that fighting chance of passing by practising things you find the most difficult.


If you know you’re going to feel stressed, take the time to visit the centre itself before the day of your test. Familiarise yourself with the surrounding area – it’ll help you feel calm on the day of the test. You should be practising as much as you can – take advantage of your family and friend’s kindness and practice with them if possible. You don’t have to tell people that you have a test imminent – keep the date and time private and you’ll lower the risk of them bringing it up every five minutes, making that stressful feeling all the more apparent.


Remember to get an early night the night before – run a bath, do some mindfulness exercises and relax your mind as much as you can. You’ll really feel the benefit.


The day of the test

You should treat the day of your test like any other day – if you blow it up in your mind, you’re much more likely to feel the stress of its importance. Relax, watch TV, do everything you would normally do. It’s advisable to book yourself a lesson before the test itself to re-familiarise yourself with the car and with driving. Make sure you know the time and location of your test and get there in advance so you can relax beforehand.


Ensure you drink plenty of water – not so much that you’re bursting to use the lav during, but enough that you feel fresh and alert. Avoid caffeine, as tempting as that may well be. Turn off your mobile at least an hour before the test – give yourself a chance to shut off and relax. Have a decent breakfast and make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. Every little help.


During your test

Your first seconds of the test is crucial – start the engine, do your checks and make sure you look around before moving off. Listen to the examiner’s directions – if you don’t understand, ask them to repeat themselves. If you do something that you’re not quite happy with, justify it to the examiner and explain why you made that decision. In the debrief at the end of the test if the examiner is asking why you did something a certain way, don’t be afraid to say that if you had another chance you’d carry it out differently – you’re allowed to make errors and examiners like it when you can reflect positively as you’ll need to do this when you’ve passed!


Do exactly what they ask and lose the showmanship. Stay calm, take a deep breath and consider your approach before you get on with any challenges. No one is perfect – if you make a small mistake, don’t sweat it. You’re allowed 15 minor faults in your test – it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Even if you’re sure you’ve failed – keep going. You may have sensationalised the error and giving up before the end of the test won’t do you any favours. Good luck – you’ve got this!


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